Denim day comes but once a year. You’d be wise to make the best of it. Today, Nicki Minaj found herself posted up alongside a mysterious male, though the Queen neglected to share his identity. Of course, Minaj enjoys toying with her ever-loyal “Barbz,” who never fail to come through with more theories than fans of Lost circa 2006. In that sense, the picture was an early Christmas gift for their watering jaws, fuelling speculation as to who her mystery man might be.

Of course, we’re not given much to work with, save for the fact that he owns a watch and a “Canadian Tuxedo.” Yet Minaj seems enamored with the gentleman, prompting many to wonder if this individual is indeed her rumored boyfriend Lewis Hamilton. Of course, Nicki moves in a calculated fashion, and often works to fuel the narratives she wants to be pushed. In any case, all we’re left to do is relive our childhood days playing Guess Who. Meanwhile, the snow is falling outside as the holidays approach. Do you have a special someone with whom you can spend the evening?