Nicki Minaj Has Already Picked Her Baby Names

Nicki Minaj

From signing with Baby to naming a baby.

The Minaj line will likely live on for generations to come. The legendary rap Queen has been expressing what some call “baby fever,” with the baby in question being an actual child, not Birdman. Of course, Minaj’s current relationship with childhood friend Kenneth Petty has been well documented, and put under a microscope by the vacuous voice of the “Twitter people.” Yet few can deny that Minaj appears genuinely happy, and continues to plant the seeds for a family yet to come.

The rapper previously alluded to the possibility of a baby on “Good Form,” in which she claimed she would settle down for the right partner. From the sound of it, Petty is exactly that. “We were like this about each other since we were very young kids in the hood,” writes Minaj, in response to one of her fans. “He was on my body b4 the big ol’ ghetto booty.”

And while that in itself is, in essence, a “hip-hop love story,” it would appear that Minaj and Petty have indeed had the baby name talk already. Upon being asked about fielding name suggestions, Minaj assured a curious Barb that the decision had indeed already been made. “We already chose them babe,” she writes. “Lol but thx.” Clearly, the Minaj lineage is looking ready to expand. But is the game ready for the “prince that was promised?”



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