Few can dispute that Nicki Minaj has made an impact on the game. With over a decade of experience behind her, the self-proclaimed Queen has been a mainstay on the charts since her artistic inception. Now, in the wake of singles like “Chun Li,” “Ganja Burn,” “Barbie Dreams” and the Little Mix assisted “Woman Like Me,” Nicki Minaj has officially made history. A new report claims that Minaj has become the first female artist to have one hundred entries on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. And thus, Minaj has set a bar for aspiring up-and-comers, further solidifying her legacy in the process.

For some added context, in the “Most Hot 100 entries” category, Nicki stands behind a select few; only Drake, Lil Wayne, Elvis Presley, and “The Glee Cast” hold more. If that wasn’t impressive enough, at least 50 of her charting singles have made the top forty. Aside from dropping off the solid Queen and setting records, Nicki Minaj has been killing the radio game of late. Somebody ought to get the woman a job in Grand Theft Auto 6. Salute to the legendary rapper for this one!