For weeks, Nipsey Hussle’s family has been battling with the mother of the late rapper’s daughter to determine who will be granted physical custody. Tanisha Foster, Emani’s mother, says that she deserves custody of her daughter but Nipsey’s brother and sister don’t seem to agree with that at all. Emani has been living with Samantha Smith, Hussle’s sister, since the rapper passed away, and there’s currently a big legal case revolving around the young girl’s guardianship. According to TMZ, the latest development in the ongoing drama pertains to Nipsey’s family and how they’re laying out a list of reasons why Tanisha Foster should not be granted physical custody of her daughter, basically saying that she needs to get her life in order.

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Foster previously had a warrant out for her arrest because it was dropped last week. The warrant went back to a DUI offense that she committed a couple of years ago. According to a judge, she had yet to complete the terms of her probation, failing to attend AA meetings. She has since been forced to complete the appropriate training and service for her probation to be completed but Nipsey’s family is reportedly unimpressed that she’s been dealing with all of this, believing that they’re better suited to take care of 10-year-old Emani. In the past year, Foster has reportedly violated the terms of her probation several times.

In the new report, it is said that the family is not trying to drive Emani and her mother apart. They have actually offered to help Foster sign up for substance abuse programs and are trying to establish a visitation schedule. They simply just don’t think she’s in the right place to take care of Emani by herself.

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