Offset let the New York Times in on a little secret. The act of settling down with Cardi B and having their first child together has given Offset the peaceful resolve he didn’t know he needed all this time, considering the sudden influx of fame, the pressure to perform, deal with police scrutiny, and endure a near-fatal car crash, all in one banner year.

“She brings excitement and pressure to me, but I like that,” Offset told NYTcorrespondent Joe Coscarelli for his op-ed titled “Emerging From Migos as His Own Man.” “She’s No. 1, so every time I’m hitting the charts, I’ve got to be Top 10.”

Settling down was the furthest thing from his mind when he set out to become a rapper with his Migos brethren, but there’s no denying what feels right. Especially when fame runs its course, and the nucleus of a family or your entourage is the only saving grace. Offset said it best when he described settling down as his greatest personal achievement.

“(Settling down) helps me make the music, which helps my career,” Offset said “I have no distractions. And me and her? We haven’t even dropped an album yet. That’s a whole other realm.” After which, Offset told Coscarelli he another 10 years in him, before he hangs ’em up. “I have a wife and a child — that changed my whole everything,” he continued. “I was a young hothead, but now I understand the value of life.”

With Quavo in the driver seat, and Cardi B ringing him on the other line, Offset should be kept busy, for the foreseeable future. What are your expectations for the forthcoming Offset solo project – comment below?