Offset’s 2018 campaign was one for the books, a year fuelled by career highs, familial bonding, romance, heartbreak, and commercial dominance. Yet there is always room for improvement. With New Year’s Day arriving in the imminent future, Offset took a moment to issue a New Year’s resolution of sorts, promising a renewed sense of self in the year to come.

“2019 WILL BE A BETTER ME,” he writes, via Instagram. “MORE WISER BETTER STRUCTURE. BETTER PRAYS AND FAITH BELIEVE IN ME PLEASE.” He proceeds to implore a change from the public at large, requesting a wider sense of empathy. “LETS STOP HATING ON EACH OTHER AND GET MONEY TOGETHER. LET MIND OUR OWN BUSINESS SO WE CAN BUILD EACH OTHER INSTEAD TEAR EACH OTHER DOWN.” Fair enough.

Of course, that’s not to say that he’s dissatisfied with the way 2018 shook out. The success of Migos’ Culture II, for one, cemented him as a foundational element of one of music’s biggest groups. Plus, as seen below, the man has collected cars to spare. Of course, his highly publicized romance with Cardi B made for a widely circulated narrative, given the “rise and fall” nature, and subsequent rekindling. As of now, it’s not entirely clear what this proverbial “Offset 2.0” may look like, though the simple fact that he neglected to s p a c e each letter speaks to a maturation process. Best of luck to Offset, and congratulations on a great year.