Sometimes being famous isn’t as easy as it seems. I mean, there are tons of perks but at the same time, you have to deal with the fact that people you never knew existed are obsessed with you. Last year, Rihanna was dealing with a stalker who managed to break into her home and stayed there for 12 hours. When police were called to the home, he reportedly told them that he was trying to have sex with the singer. Now, the man who admitted to stalking the singer has pled guilty to three out of his four charges.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images 

Eduardo Leon, the man who stalked Rihanna, won’t be facing any jail time after he pled guilty to stalking the singer, The Blast reports. Leon has now been sentenced to five years probation. He was also ordered to take the county’s ODR (Office of Diversion and Reentry) program. ODR is meant to for offenders “with mental health and/or substance use disorders, including persons who are homeless.”

Leon pled guilty to stalking, vandalism, and resisting arrest. However, the burglary charge he was hit with was dismissed. Rihanna was also granted a criminal protection order against Eduardo Leon.

In other Rihanna-related news, the singer is gearing up to release her highly anticipated follow-up to Anti this year. She’s yet to reveal a release date for it but we’re hoping the rumored reggae-influenced project will arrive in time for the summer.