In a bizarre turn of events, one of Soulja Boy’s SODMG affiliates, his own blood brother Lil 100 has apparently gone on a tangent about his older brother, threatening to expose the rapper.

“I hate the fact you my brother,” he writes in a since deleted post. “You claim you getting money with all those old ass whips and fake ass jewelry […] Tell me who you done put on that was loyal to you. You running with niggas who use to clown you. My fault you love when niggas extort you.”

Shortly after the post, Lil 100’s profile was deleted then reappeared as a private account with the only source of his rant being found on Akademiks page.

The last couple of years have been a whirlwind of social blunders for Big Soulja as the rapper was infamously robbed while on Instagram Live and of course, who could forget that VLAD TV interview.

It seems like 100 is about as fed up with the antics as the rest of us and decided to address it even asserting Soulja Boy threw “temper tantrums” and would get violent with his ex-girlfriend and daughter of Teddy Riley, Nia Riley.

100 goes on to add, “Stop embarrassing yourself on social media. I ain’t gone worry about u denied the truth because you know I got proof gay ass nigga. I’m gone expose you and pops can’t save you when I expose you. You can lie to the media but u can’t lie to me.”

On Twitter, Lil 100’s page is a more of a subliminal minefield as he reiterates the same thoughts without mentioning Soulja Boy and in between such tweets, he actually retweets his older brother’s own tweets.