The Weeknd has thrown his fans an unexpected yet absurd curveball by sharing a picture of himself chilling at the beach. His attire sent waves of surprise through his social media following as he exposed parts of himself many had yet to see. Skin was revealed from below his knees down to his toes. Shocking. The Canadian entertainer also flaunted the skin he has on his arms, which most likely comes in handy during the cold months of his native country.The singer posed for a shot, leaning on a beach-side railing. His swag is made up of a never-before-seen combination for the artist: a tank top and a pair of shorts. The look is topped off with his very own “XO Classic Logo Unisex Slides.”

Fans have seen the man sport a t-shirt at least once but the sight of his arms still shocked many. One commenter wrote in sarcasm, “Im happy to see you have arms and legs !” Remarks signaling thirst flooded the comments section. A most polite creeper asked, “Is this a step further to seeing you without a shirt maybe?”

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have Nicki Minaj taking pictures with her pan ts down. On purpose. God Bless America for this diversity in freedom of expression.