Travis Scott is committed to his lover, Kylie Jenner. After a photo of what appeared to be the Astroworld rapper feeling up on another woman hit the web, Trav was quick to call out trolls for making a fake picture. Although the internet began to attack Trav prematurely, the truth has finally made its way to the light. That isn’t La Flame in the picture, but it was staged to look like it was him. From the fake TMZ watermark, to the blonde braids drooping from the imposter’s head, everything was staged.YouTuber ChristianAdamG admitted to staging the photo in order to prove a point. He posted a video where he first explains that he got his inspiration from a “Yes Theory” video. The source video was made by a group of guys who wanted to trick the world into believing that Justin Bieber was eating a burrito funny. The picture ended up getting to mainstream media, where news outlets began to make fun of Bieber. The problem was, the picture was fake.  ChristianAdamG wanted to make a point about fake news, and possibly gain some clout in the process. He admits that he never meant to break up real love, or hurt anybody, and that his only mission was to prove how easily swayed people are by whatever they see on the internet.