Metro Boomin was sorely missed throughout 2018, though his absence allotted a new era of breakout producers some time to shine. In any case, Metro has officially returned to the fold, bringing forth his Not All Heroes Wear Capes project at long last. Though some were left unfulfilled, likely due to Metro’s own lofty self-imposed standards, others appreciated the project for what it was: bangers across the board.

Many of said bangers included Travis Scott, who has been putting in work on his own merits. Some, including Jonah Hill, have already dubbed Astroworld their album of the year. Though Metro provided little involvement to Travis’ carnivalesque masterpiece, it’s clear that the pair have found creative common ground; Scott played a central role on Metro’s album, landing on five out of thirteen tracks.

Now, Metro has taken to Instagram to share an amusing photo from one of their studio sessions, in which the pair seem to be discussing something particularly divisive. Metro invited his fans to provide captions, which led to a variety of hilarious fan contributions. Peep the BTS snapshot below.