Before 21 Savage dropped off I Am > I Was, he kept the promotional spirit alive with an interactive exhibit called “Motel 21.” Though the exclusive tour was reserved for a select few, the minds over at Montreality managed to secure a pass, and documented the process accordingly.

Neon signs beckon curious onlookers toward “Live Nudes,” a promise that may or may not have gone unfulfilled. Half-severed mannequin torsos line the walls, stuffed with money, as if designed by a successful variation of Sid from Toy Story. At one point, an endearing guide by the name of “Granny JJ” stands at the entrance of a truly ominous chamber, lined with a ritualistic candle arrangement and a hunched over pianist; despite appearing to be plucked from a horror movie, said pianist has clearly never missed his scales and arpeggio drills.

Another room reveals walls lined with documents and roadmaps as if one spent countless hours plotting the revenge of a loved one. The visual components of 21’s brainchild, as designed by Antwanette McLaughlin and Skye Williams, are striking to say the least. Though the pop-up exhibit was a fleeting experience, it seems extremely well-designed, and a testament to the growing scope of 21’s artistry. Clearly, the man’s horror influences run deep.

Check out the video below, courtesy of Montreality.