Though 50 Cent likely takes the crown for Instagram’s most well-rounded “troll,” Uncle Snoop’s account has quietly become a hub for entertainment in its own right. A blend of memes, insight, Doggfather wisdom, nostalgic music posts, and roasts are to be expected for would-be followers, and today, Snoop has delivered on the latter in spades. The target in question is none other than Nick Cannon, who recently made headlines for unearthing an old relic from the long-dormant Eminem beef. Now, however, he has fallen into Snoop’s crosshairs, and respectfully ridiculed for his troubles.

Citing Cannon’s hairstyle and overall demeanor, Snoop draws attention to the Wild N’ Out host’s Evangelical swagger. “Nick Cannon out here looking like he selling prayer cloths and miracles for $19.99,” reads the meme, shared all in good fun. After all, Cannon is nothing if not a good sport, even when he is busy doling out “Amens” and passing the collection hat.

Clearly, Snoop Dogg enjoys the finer things in life. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Nick extend an invitation to Wild N’ Out, so they can settle the manner properly: through mildly offensive battle rap. Lord have mercy. What do you think about Cannon’s “Preacher Chic” aesthetic?