6ix9ine Fans Launch Facebook Event To Try & Break Him Out Of Jail

Fans have launched a Facebook event trying to breakout 6ix9ine from jail.

6ix9ine definitely has some ride or die fans. Today, a new Facebook event was launched by a host named “the random urge to scream Tr3yway” and its effort is to “break 6ix9ine out of jail” as the title suggests.

A random fan started this Facebook event, marking the date December 12th, 2:45 AM as the time of the jail breakout. The details read, “We deadass breaking the nigga out It’s fucking TR3YWAY 🙌🙌.” At the time of this being published, the event had 5K going and over 6,4K interested in attending.

Now we shouldn’t have to tell you this isn’t seriously going to happen, but then again we have to because some of y’all are only headline readers (and wont even see this) or will believe this as true.

6ix9ine was arrested earlier this month on racketeering and firearms charges. At a court hearing in New York this week, he pleaded not guilty and was denied bail, leaving him mostly likely locked away until his hearing in September. We’ll keep you posted.

You can visit the Facebook event page right here.



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