To bring you up to speed, back in 2014, Drake was sued by the estate of jazz musician Jimmy Smith and a music publishing company called Hebrew Hustle. They accused Drizzy of using a sample of Smith’s on his track, “Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2.” The 6 God denied the allegations and countersued the company for “mental distress,” among other things. He accused the company of using his face and name on their website to make it appear he worked with the company and endorsed their work, but that never happened.

A judge eventually threw out the case against Drake but his lawsuit against Hebrew Hustle will finally be heard at an upcoming trial next month. In fact, the rapper is set to take the stand during the trial and the parties are about to pick the jury, but before they do, Drizzy wants to speak with the potential jurors first.

According to documents obtained by TheBlast, Drizzy’s legal team has filed the questions they plan to ask potential jurors during the jury selection process. They will reportedly be asking potential jurors if they’ve ever heard of the rapper, what they know about him, and if they think he is honest or trustworthy. The Toronto rapper wants to know if their opinion of him or his music would “interfere with your ability to render a fair verdict in this case?” They will also be asked if they currently listen to his music or have in the past, ever saw one of his shows or have seen his music videos.

TheBlast adds that Drizzy will be using these questions to narrow down who he wants for the jury.

We’ll keep you posted once the trial begins next month.