AZLYRICS: Crooked I – Baggy Jeans Era Lyrics

“Baggy Jeans Era”

Fresh off the cover of the magazines, yeah
I bought my first Benz rockin’ a pair of baggy jeans
A Ruger in my waist, a couple of flashy rings
Tryna escape the hard knock life by any means
It hits different when your gift’s different
Haters all over me like Mitch Richmond, when he used to stick Pippen
But the extended clip stick so big, I used it as a cane, big pimpin, niggas shootin’, like Ben Simmons
Décombres, go wilder than Deontay
‘Cause rappers be acting funny as 90 Day Fiancé
Everybody is food, for real, peace to Conway
When I look at a playlist, I’m just tryna see my entree
This rap shit is genuinely a menu to me
Walk in the venue with me and then you will see I continuously send ’em to sleep
Been in the streets, hit you with three from the tip of the key, I don’t give a fuck if you a G
Anybody could get it, nigga thought he was with it, put a shot in that thought, then he’d probably forget it
I’m highly committed, say hi to the clinic, the doctor or visitor, my shot a menace, esophagus, the chopper is ominous
I ain’t poppin’ at anybody specific, lyrical hollow-tips, I put many bodies in ditches, woah
I started off with cornrows to the back, nigga
Max Julian, more hoes than The Mack, nigga
She called me daddy in the Caddy, we was making pornos in the ‘Lac, Lord know it’s a fact, nigga
OG, making plays since the Nextel
Money on my mind, but I never let my head swell
Off-white Beamer, no more walking on eggshells, and the plates diplomatic, nigga, Hell Rell
My ‘caine go low, like LL, my sentences gettin’ better, you feel every letter, like it’s braille mail
I send a nigga pack, and when I air shells
You don’t think it’s fair, well nigga, farewell
I’m in a Porsche with so many horses it’s parallel to a carousel, keepin’ secrets I will never tell (Woah)
Send you into retirement, in my city, packin’ a pistol is a requirement, trip and I’ll fire it
Homies post pictures from a prison yard, some are Crippin’ hard, listen dawg, I’m from a different environment
Long Beach City will fool you because it’s beautiful
Cops kill an unarmed kid, business as usual
It’s ironic that you could die in a drive-by, and that same car get washed to raise money for your funeral
Cause that’s the way they on it, nigga
Drug dealers and snitches decorate every corner, nigga
To live and die in L.A, that’s California, nigga
If you don’t fuck with Crook, you just a corny nigga
On God

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