AZLYRICS: Crooked I – Familly Lyrics


(Weekly’s we back, illest family in the mothafucking rap game hands down)

Fam Biz in this mothafucka
Fam Biz in this mothafucka
Y’all know what it is in this mothafucka

Life I’m not livin my best one yet
Ice box live in my effin chest
I’m cold hearted like pac
Bishop the resurrection
I’m not risin inspect the deck
Nigga protect your neck
Or 5 shots send you to heavens steps
My god nigga catch a breath
I’m a mutant Cyclops mixed with Professor X
We both X-men but you transitioning to live as the fairer sex
Fuck nigga it’s like our hands are tethered
Y’all scared of us nigga
It’s not a diss
Crooked dropped weekly songs way before the rapper Russ Nigga
Debo tell em whats up nigga

We in the belly of the beast
Yeah the beast pregnant
I’m coming out the cut like a C-section
In the land full of Crips that’s the C section
In the city by the sea that’s the… You get it
Livin life in the trenches
To hit a lick is vital nigga this survival of the fittest better get a rifle
Imma start pushing white like the Christian Bible
And your religions that’s stricken with Vitiligo like my Nigga Michael
We the New Slaughterhouse with no Drama
We kick Benedict Arnolds out
Kick Em out the car and yell this is [?] while the car in route
Now we literally had a falling out

Yo you might see me as a quiet nigga
But Dice is also a shooter they call me Kawhi Leonard
A silent killer I snipe niggas my choppa heat any Pussy it ain’t got no type nigga
Just wait till the album drop
This shits harder than marble countertops
We finna flood the streets and drown the block
You can’t count us out we don’t know how to stop nigga
You mothafuckas ain’t driven like us
You trippin if you think the haters gettin to us
I could look in the mirror while I’m dicking a slut and still couldn’t see myself giving a fuck

I don’t ever trip on what a whore says
A chick knows I don’t take lip unless it’s for head
Uh, you wanna get buck?
You wanna get buck?
I wanna get bucks
Not gonna give up
Couple stars in the group you can call us big dippers
Some of you are near sighted you don’t see the big picture
Time to chew you niggas call it crunch time
You front in your lines call it front line
A chick told me you and I are one
I inserted the D now you and I are done
Imma be the first to win a human race on this earth
Mane I’m supposed to be in first place in the first place

[KXNG Crooked:]
I pull up on your block and I bleed it
Blueface (let the hammer blast)
Put a bag on you any way you breath it (anywhere… suitcase… that’s a travel bag)
Baby girl like to swallow should have seen it (toothpaste… what you smiling at)
Her ass like a peach that’s a new meaning (for what?) Fruitcake (that’s an apple ass)
Niggas ain’t intelligent smart is the new swag, every lyric made of medicine I’m in a new bag
I’m balling like David Letterman in my favourite Letterman
I’m wavy as a Navy veteran rocking a Durag I hop in a blue Jag
My pistol is itchin to shoot a dude into a different dimension like toodaloo
Like solving a Rubiks cube using telekinesis I ain’t gotta touch a square to twist him in different positions
Now who are you?
Cause me I’m loco and unstable
Still get calls from Execs who run labels
I know the squad is soon to be popping
Cause opportunity knocking like sugar free on them lunch tables
Like sugar free on them lunch tables
Like sugar free on them lunch tables

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