AZLYRICS: Crooked I – Flag Lyrics


Aye put them COB flags in the air (COB)
Put ’em in the motherfucking air
It’s time to put the C.O.B bandana back on (Yeah, yeah)
The robocops killed Breonna Taylor in her sleep
It’s time to wake they ass up, smoke ’em out with the choppers
(Doot, Doot, Doot, Doot, Doot)

Crooked going militant, uh
Back on my shit again
Back with some rap shit that’ll make Kaepernick have to kneel again
Back to stack a mill again
Touchin’ a button, tuckin’ my ceiling in
What tax bracket is that black gorilla in?
All you need to know is I can afford ammo
I’m like a sports channel
I put them shooters on you court camera
With a snap of the finger, way before Thanos
And get away in a lambo
Smooth as piano chord samples
Flashing my diamond rings
Finer things, if you dig the diamonds I give you
You can finally lead the minor leagues
It’s jewelry time and I’ve been enlightenin’ G’s
Ever since George Floyd and Eric Garner been tryna breathe
You know how they do us right?
Malcom X, you was right
They care about a confederate statue more than a human life
They abusin’ our human rights
Don’t confuse me with Susan Rice
I’m shooting right at you and that statue do my votin’, toting a Ruger Pike
Somebody go tell Mitch McConnell
I’m a pistol aficionado
He can go suck some dicks with Donald
I’m killing all of that big bravado
With the stick then I go get my thick Chicano
Chicken Cabo, chillin’ while she sip moscato
Nigga just kickin’ it like Ninjago
Y’all know, I skip the bottle
But still I pour out liquor for my niggas that’s in Chicago
I don’t have all the answers to our cancers
But something has to change
The president acts deranged
Can never just act his age
I’m presently at the range
Heavily strapped, ready to clap
Whoever is actin’ strange
With my TEC in my Calico
This Cali, ho but I’ma turn this shit into The Alamo
Shoot outs, injure
Pull the tool out, getcha
Shit blew out, shoot quicker than Lew Alcindor ‘gainst the defender
You house niggas like Terry Crews go meet with your master tho’
Say you ride for the culture, you better keep your word (Word)
Crooked’s a Shepard, these other rappers are sheep you heard
Just wanna push you off a building
And empty an extended clip in your body
Before you even reach the street and curve
The way you fly off the building, you can compete with birds
The crash landing expanding your brains like some geeks and nerds
They say actions speak louder than words
I’ma make you eat your verbs
This is Boyz n the Hood meets The Purge

The COB is back
Put them bandanas in the air
Wave ’em around
Bandanas up
The COB is back
Boop Boop Boop Boop

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