AZLYRICS: Crooked I – Holy Cloth Lyrics

“Holy Cloth”

When you considered that there are no substance is on the cloth
That we’re consumamble used by an artist
And the fact that the blood on the cloth is human blood
It would suggest that their cloth is probably off in it

Yeah niggas thought I just started poppin’ when I got with Slaughter House
I been in foreigns for 20 years, fuck you talking ’bout?
Gang members in the crowd who you thought brought them out?
Punch lines on the West, who you thought taught ’em how?
They study my flow on the world famous Wake Up Show
I knew they was stealing but I had to get my cake-up though
Buddy for last throws caked up at a bake-up slow
The money was fallin’ off trees had to rake up though
(I don’t know,) Some of my enemies might’ve forget (I don’t know)
If I catch you in traffic you might get shot (I don’t know)
Hit the block had a cop on my 6’o clock
I’m in the droughts so we searched I get to Glock (I don’t know)
Get my hands like twins that’s on a double nigga
Catch me out East, I got friends you still in trouble nigga
The trait dudes is in it’s Triple Fat Goose
Think you in the NBA with my shooter
Come out the bubble nigga they’ll be asking, “Where did he go?”
I’m in Vatican city though with my African pretty hoe really though
Got my name tatted on half of a titty year old
What you rappin’? Should really know
You be cappin like, [?] so I don’t rap in your video
To my own friends I used to love you
Niggas get close enough to hunt you so they can touch you
Got you in between the ropes these niggas double duck you
Set you up with a bubble butt nah motherfuck you
You get my respect I gotta take some
The higher you climp up the ladder
Now hear the snakes come
Rappers sell a million songs
From hanging with pedophiles
Take baby blood in adrenochrome to stay young (Woo)
They gon’ hate me in Holly-weird
Let my gun ring on your chest you getting body pierced
I’m in the heart of the city the part that’s highly feared
20 gold chains on my neck Haile Selassie beard
Diamonds in the face set the Rollie off
Bitches would ignore me ironic ’cause now they blow me off
Circle of leaders homie I’m not the only boss
COB bandanas the holy cloth (Flag)

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