I like to welcome you all
To our little spot where we get down you know
Kick a few bars smoke some cigars
Vibe out
I got some real talented musicians in the house today (word)
Discreet Merchants in here but yo
I notice a lot of y’all don’t like to say my name when you talk about Lyricism
This is for you

Wide open for the J and I’m Schea Cotton (Swish)
I’m making it rain while you stuck in the paint watching
I’m keeping the game popping
When I’m trappin on the block it remind you of name dropping
‘Cause I’m magic with the rock like I’m Earvin Dwayne Johnson
Pavé ringing
Sade singing
Sliding up Broadway leaning a suave king
Running through blocks like I’m Devonta Freeman
My Glock stay fiending
That pole stay DeVante swinging (Brra da daa)
I told you ’bout the keys in the Winnebago
Them squares help me taste the bread like they in the Eggo
I was in the H though
Fucking with niggas pouring promethazine in the Faygo
Telling me that shit is fuego
They know I’m on some other shit
I came to this bitch on a mother ship
Cut from a miraculous cloth
My body was peacefully resting in a sarcophagus a god with his
Arms crossed over The Emerald Tablets of Thot
A man of perfection I mastered the essence of astral projection
The ancestors blessed dimension travelling boss
Imagine the sauce I drip just ’cause melanin exist
Like fucking pussy fresh out
You fellin’ in this bitch
I went from not having a pot piss in
To having a master bathroom upstairs
It’s levels to this shit (Yeah)
They ask me how I feel about whoever think they better
How does leather feel about pleather?
Get whoever you can get (Now)
The Top Ramen eater
Who pop llama heaters
Hotter than thermometers in Nevada
Hotter than lava and fevers
The COB Godfather leader
Red beaming you cats them spots not a cheetah
Them shots knock you out of your hot Prada sneakers
Don Dada Top Shotta leave you beneath the docks
While I’m on Cohibas in Botswana in a hot sauna
Speakers throbbing 2Pac getting top from a top model diva
She a hot mamma mia (Take that)
You can’t fuck with me might as well forfeit
I’m Schea Cotton the one they scared to step on the court with
Dear summer
Fuck rapping I’m going corporate
To break on through to the other side on my door shit
Your lordship
My lyrics is locked in
Y’all rap about bout work
How many niggas is clocked in?
Won’t mention name you hating I guess that’s what happens
When you interview Rakim and you in Eminem’s top ten
Hol’ up
Tell these niggas where I’m from
(L-L-Long Beach)
Eastside mofuker (Ayh)
The city where the weed bags really the realest
We hall of fame with them sacks nigga Willie McGinest
I really love this shit
As if rap was my grandfather
Imagine my disappointment in Afrika Bambaataa
But fuck it I’m back on the track
Massacre manslaughter
The vanguard of this art ’cause I happen to rap harder than asphalt In the black part of town where them rounds just crack armor
I’m strapped when I’m relaxing in bathwater
It’s Crooked
Long Beach Mount Rushmore
You decide the other three but it’s us four (Facts)
Who did it better, for twenty years plus more? (Who?)
You either high or you lying that’s the uproar (Fuck boy)
Sleep on my team
My desert eagle your dreams
I can push keys ’till all my green equal your streams
I can bring a couple llamas through to double entendre you
That means your DNA leak in your jeans (Got you)
You feel me? But I’m on a higher vibration
I don’t wanna homicide my nation
I just wanna make the simplest quotes intricate dope
If it’s about the purest lyricist on the coast
You listening to the GOAT
(Keep going, hear me? Huh?)
If it’s about the purest lyricist on the coast you listening to the yo

And you don’t stop
East Side Long Beach you don’t stop (Long Beach)
North Side Long Beach you don’t stop (North North)
West Side Long Beach you don’t stop (No, West Side)
To my niggas in Compton and you don’t stop (Sup Carson)
To my niggas in Watts and you don’t stop (Whats going Hawthorne)
All my South Central niggas yeah and you don’t stop
(Whats up Gardia)
To my niggas in the Valley and you don’t stop (The IDI)
To my niggas in the Bay yeah and you don’t stop (Inglewood) (Wooh)
Worldwide and you don’t stop (Inglewood)
Schea Cotton
Yeah (East Side)
(East Side)
South, the Midwest, the East Coast

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