AZLYRICS: Crooked I – Shady’s #1 (Freestyle) Lyrics

“Shady’s #1 (Freestyle)”

Yo, Slaughterhouse is the movement
C.O.B./S.M.H. is the new venture
Eminem is a genius, yo Paul is a boss
Shout out Yelawolf, salute to D12
Rest in peace Proof, let’s get it
Shady’s #1, Shady’s #1… (GO! GO!)
Shady’s #1, Shady’s #1…

Got that #1 hip-hop album out there so I bought that whip
Nigga said Crooked was garbage, meanwhile his bitch won’t get off my dick
Niggaz wanna front on the guy, if I was you homie I would get off that quick
Got the charts goin up on a Tuesday, fuck that, I’ma top that shit (yeah)
Shady’s #1, Shady’s #1
A nigga said Crooked was garbage, meanwhile his bitch won’t get off my dick
Shady’s #1, Shady’s #1
Got the charts goin up on a Tuesday, fuck that, I’ma top that shit

I was talkin to Paul in New York the other day, he said “Crooked, this a great year”
The (Shady 15) went #1 on iTunes, I guess a statement was made clear
I came home, went straight to the booth, I’m doin everything you snakes fear
Killin rappers right and left, bringin more death than Macbeth, a modern day Shakespeare
Yeah, spittin bars in a (Cxvpher) while I’m filmin in the heart of the city, that was some G shit
Yeah, mentionin Ferguson and Darren Wilson in the middle of that rap, that’s some me shit
Yeah, I’m from the City by the Sea so you know the flow wavy and might get you seasick
You’re fallin off, I’m watchin your career slide down that mountain like I’m sittin on a ski lift
I’m just spittin on a remix, cause the boy loco with the rhyme flow
Somethin everybody know like GEICO, (Psychopath Killer) goin Michael
(Sex, Money, Hip-Hop) is all I know – I’m in my crib and I’m chillin in my (House Slippers)
Thinkin ’bout how the industry treated me, (Some Love Lost) but I’m in my (PRhyme) though!
Shady’s #1 – we got the charts goin loco (we #1 nigga!)
But (Y’all Ready Know) though (y’all ‘ready know)
I’m (Hammer Dancin) with my fo’-fo’
(Kxng Crooked, do you have any words for the police?) FUCK the po-po!
Cause the pig Darren Wilson wanna see a nigga like Kxng Crooked on ice
Cyber Monday man, the consequences of killin a very low price
You’re mad Ray got reinstated, you’re focused on the wrong Rice
Cops pull up, kill a kid with a pellet gun, they ain’t even think twice
Tamir, so I roll up on the cops playin “Psychopath Killer”
Hockey mask in the duffel bag, throwin bullets like a Pittsburgh Steeler
As a matter of fact, I’m namin my rifle Mac Miller
Cause it’s aimin for your faces, you gon’ think you’re (Watching Movies When it Sound Off)
Then I’ma let Snoop tell you what the case is (murder was the case that they gave me)
This time we kill ’em with the charts, Crooked is intelligent, I kill ’em with the smarts
It’s a brand new era, I’m talkin ’bout for me, God bless the Kxng, you gon’ feel it when it starts
I promise, deadly the flows is, and what a lot of people knows is
I’ve been a (Kxng) before the name change mayne, I put that on Moses

December 16th, “Sex, Money & Hip-Hop” mixtape
Ice Man on the motherfuckin boards
Kxng Crooked in the booth, Slaughterhouse behind me
COB! Shady’s #1, Shady’s #1, yeah
Y’all know man, couple people actin like they don’t know, hahaha
I like Odd Future, hahaha
I like y’all Odd Future niggaz man, haha
That nigga Tyler said, “Shady XV was ass”
Young nigga though, heh
And I like that nigga so you know, it’s all good
Nothin I do is ass though, I will not partake, hahaha
Yo, do niggaz have man-crushes on Em?
I need to know, the people need to know
It’s COB nigga!

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