Charlamagne Tha God has been very public about how he regularly sees a therapist as a means to prevent any mental health setbacks. The radio host is close with Kanye West, having interviewed him in his office earlier this year, but he’s also been critical of the man in the past. Charlamagne will be a guest on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and he’s set to discuss an array of topics, including Kanye West’s feud with Drake.

The beef was brought up when Trevor Noah spoke on how West is seemingly weaponizing mental health in his battle against Drake. Charlamagne acknowledged that Ye has basically been using his mental health as a means to protect himself against his rival, noting that he believes their feud is actually a lot more surface-level. “I mean this in the most brotherly, black man to black man, way possible. Kanye West is full of shit,” said C Tha God. He elaborates on what he means, telling Trevor that Ye sat in the White House and told the President that he was actually misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder. However, once he got into a rap battle, he started using his mental health as leverage again.

He continued, “To me, it has nothing to do with mental health. This is about sneakers. It’s the fact that Drake is affecting your sneaker sales. Because in the biggest song of the year, which is ‘Sicko Mode,’ Drake says ‘Checks over stripes.'” The feud has cooled off in the last few days but it’s likely still brewing. Perhaps Yeezy will spit some bars about Drizzy on Yandhi (if that ever arrives).