The case involving Remy Ma, Vince Herbert, and LDNX Records is still very much ongoing and Remy has been given more time to respond to her subpoena in relation to working with Vince. We previously posted that Remy had 30 days to show documents and explain the projects she and Vince worked on while he was her manager. At the time, the judge asked Remy to hand over any money she may have owed Vince so it could directly go to LDNX Records.The Blast now reports that Remy has finally agreed to proceed with the case but her team has asked for the date to be pushed back to January 31st, 2019.  “Remy is recovering in the hospital from a blood transfusion due to childbirth complications. She will be released in a day or so and is ecstatic about the birth of her healthy baby girl,” her team wrote in documents, to which the label agreed to extended the due date.

Lady Gaga was also dragged into the case, but as The Blast reports she turned over all documents to the court so it’s safe to say she’s out of the mess.

In other news, Remy and Papoose welcomed their daughter into the world this past week and until her official name is revealed, she’s being referred to as The Golden Child.

“After overcoming such a tough labor/delivery! My wife breast feeds our child, around the clock. I’m so amazed by her strength, courage & motherly touch. [Remy] Thank you babe! This is all a dream come true! The Golden Child Daddy got you forever. You are the definition of beauty,” Papoose said of his baby girl.