Diddy and Cassie broke up a few months ago, much to their fans’ surprise. Although the split was mutual and amicable according to insiders, it seems like their love story in unresolved. Recently, Diddy exposed his lasting affection for his former lover via social media by reposting a picture of Cassie looking adorable while taking a bubble bath. Shortly after this display, Cassie seemingly responded by sharing photos of herself kissing her new boo. The public shutdown got social media users mocking Diddy without much mercy.

Some found some inspiration in how Cassie handled the situation. One user wrote, “Diddy putting up a pic of Cassie on insta saying he loves her and Cassie putting up a pic kissing her new fella in response is the energy I’m taking into 2019?”

Some also pointed out the complexity of their dynamic. Cassie and Diddy definitely have a bond after being in a romantic relationship that spanned over a decade. The loss of Kim Porter, however, might have complicated any hope for reconciliation. One fan highlighted this issue: “I’m soooo happy Cassie moved on.. I understand grieving process.. but diddy calling Kim his soul mate , love of his life and saying he’s been in love with her since he met her was a bit much”

Everyone else simply went in on Diddy with fierce humor.