DJ Khaled has become, in many ways, a symbol of opulence in hip-hop. The mogul tends to surround himself with the fruits of his labor, a living reminder of the benefits of hard work and dedication. While many rappers simply flex for the Gram, Khaled’s flexing sessions feel somehow less gratuitous. Perhaps it’s his status as a family man, or the fact that he’s so damn affable. Either way, when Khaled gets to showing off, the extent of his vast materialistic wealth can lead to some premium moments of unintentional comedy. To put it with the parlance of the youth, the man is, quite simply, extra.

Case in point, Khaled took to the Gram to showcase his beard grooming ritual, complete with some handy Rick Ross product placement. A young man proceeds to lather the hell out of Khaled’s beard, leaving us all wondering how he landed the job in the first place. As Khaled’s glistening beard soaks in the oil, the camera pans to an iced out watch on his wrist, the exclamation point of sorts. Upon finding his beard oiled to perfection, Khaled signs off with a final boast.

If we can take anything from this, it’s admittedly cool to see Khaled supporting Rick Ross’ extracurricular business endeavors. The idea of having a personal beard oiler may be a bridge too far for many, but what else do you get for the man who has everything?