Yesterday, we learned that Jay-Z was unsatisfied with the list of arbitration candidates that were set to abdicate over his brand dispute with Iconix Brand. Iconix was under the impression they held exclusive merchandising rights for the Roc Nation logo, only to find the RC paper plane placed on MLB apparel outside of their jurisdiction. They subsequently filed a motion to alter the course, to which Jay-Z responded by proposing they seek a ruling from an independent arbitrator, outside of the traditional court system. Iconix was totally on board, so both sides made the requisite arrangements. But when push came to shove, Jigga was none too pleased with the list of candidates, so he filed another motion to widen the search, under more “diverse lines.” In the end, Jay-Z won his appeal, resulting in the process being halted until a December 11th hearing.

When both sides meet again, they will present their 4 nominations, and narrow it down from there. Given the precedent that was just established, the process will not go ahead until the list reflects a change in perspective, therefore more people of color with the desired qualifications. Jay-Z request is only fair considering the circumstances; the arbitrator will be ruling over the rights of a chosen demographic. May the truth set you free, so help me God.