A former stylist of Nicki Minaj sued the rapper for an unpaid bill for some pretty expensive clothes that were never returned. Maher Jridi alleged that he dropped thousands of dollars to style Nicki Minaj, but never got any of the clothes back. After filing a lawsuit against Nicki for the missing gear and the $74K unpaid bill, the Queen is firing back with her our lawsuit.

According to TMZ, Nicki Minaj has filed a countersuit against Jridi, claiming that she doesn’t owe the stylist jack. In fact, Nicki claims that she actually paid him too much and now, wants the money back. Nicki Minaj claims that she overpaid Jridi $12K for his services, but never received the money back.

While Jridi claims Nicki never paid off the $74K for the clothes, Nicki Minaj has receipts of her own to prove her claims. According to legal documents, Nicki Minaj has an email chain with Jridi agreeing to return the overpayment made by the “Good Form” rapper. She’s now countersuing him for $12K as well as legal fees. Additionally, Nicki Minaj is demanding the court dismiss the stylist’s original suit against her.

Maher was the stylist behind Nicki Minaj’s breast-exposing fit for 2017 Paris Fashion Week that many believed was inspired by Lil Kim, although Nicki denied that.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on their legal battle.