Cardi B issued a warning to Offset that the next time he messed around, he’d be losing his wife. The Migos rapper decided to try his luck and ended up tearing apart their family in the process. Some people just can’t help themselves. For somebody that spends the majority of his time on the road, Offset fell to the horrors of temptation. He’s been accused of cheating in the past; Cardi B even wrote “Be Careful,” which served as a preemptive strike. “You’re only allowed one pass,” is basically the message that was being conveyed and she stayed true to her word.At first, it appeared as though the two had fallen out of love. Cardi posted a video where she described that she was no longer involved in a romantic relationship with her husband Offset, saying that they would forever share a bond through their daughter Kulture. While some believe that this could all be a ploy to boost album sales for the Migos rapper’s upcoming effort, the latest developments prove that this situation is more complicated than we all think.

From Celina Powell’s claims earlier this year to the most recent rumors that Cuban Doll and Summer Bunni were planning to fool around with Offset, we take a look at the scandal heard around the pop culture universe. Here’s everything we know about Offset’s alleged infidelities.


Naked Woman In Hotel Room

Back in December of last year, the first semblance of trouble in paradise appeared to be showing through the cracks. Offset and Cardi B were embroiled in a few cheating and se x tape scandals as Set’s iCloud account was allegedly hacked, releasing a video that shows a naked woman in his hotel room as he films her. In case you were wondering, Cardi is not the woman pictured. This was said to be what inspired “Be Careful.” While Bardi may deny that the song is about her husband, we all have a strong feeling that it was meant as a warning.

Celina Powell

Late last year, we first heard about Celina Powell’s allegations against Offset. The social media personality and professional groupie told the world that she was pregnant with his child. This all happened before we knew that Cardi B was carrying Baby Kulture. However, it still shook their fandoms to the core as Cardi and Set were engaged to be married at the time. A few days later, Offset said that he was being extorted by the woman, who eventually admitted that she was lying about the pregnancy.