Cardi B and Offset are over and fans and the media are still handling it. The “Money” rapper was in Miami last night party her pain(?) away and seemingly having a great time while Offset was off somewhere showing off his blinged out jewelry on Instagram. While many have shared their opinion on their break-up on Twitter (by the masses) another person had to add his two-cents, and that person is Ray J.TMZ caught up with Ray outside Craig’s in West Hollywood and asked him his thoughts on the matter “Offset’s my brother and Cardi B’s like my sister they always show me love [..] I love them. I wish them the best I hope they get back together,” he said, as seen in the video below. “Prayers go out because I think they good for each other. Sometimes you make some mistakes and you get it right.”Offset’s alleged mistress, Summer Bunni, shared a tearful video apologizing for her role in the break-up, explaining how it was never her “intention. ”

“I feel ashamed,” she said. “Just coming from me, to Cardi B and like, to her fans, to her family, to her situation, these were never my intentions and I never wanted to break up a happy home or being the cause of someone just saying, like, ‘fuck it,’ to get a divorce or anything.”