Regardless of what his A$AP Mob buddies think, Playboi Carti is enjoying the time he’s spending with Iggy Azalea. The two have been critiqued at length for their romantic relationship but they’re letting the haters talk while they count up their money. At the onset of their coupledom, Iggy was dragged for allegedly using Playboi Carti because of his cash. However, it looks like she’s the one who’s more comfortable spending her racks. On her Instagram story, the Aussie rapper showed off her Christmas gift to her boyfriend: a brand new Lamborghini.

While everybody (with money) seems to be copping the Lambo truck, Carti wasn’t entirely feeling the bulky vehicle. He’s fine in his new whip, courtesy of Iggy Azalea. Both Carti and Iggy showed off the new car on their respective Instagram stories with the Die Lit artist feeling loved at the end of the day. After revving up the engine a little bit while chilling in the parking lot, Carti wrote, “She treat me like a bad bitch lmao.” That’s facts.

The two have spent the better part of this year coupled up on the low, sharing photos of themselves on Iggy’s social media pages. With Christmas exchanges like this one, you can tell that both sides are investing a lot more than just love in their relationship.