It’s been a horrible year in Ariana Grande’s life. Her music has been ultra-successful and she’s created some of the best work of her career but much of it was fueled by the hardships she faced in her personal life. Between the Manchester bombings, the death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller and the recent split from her fiancé Pete Davidson, Grande has been put through the wringer. She’s tried to stay strong throughout it all but obviously, moments of weakness are to be expected. Last night, Ariana shared a touching tribute to Mac Miller by posting a photo of him playing the piano before unexplainedly deleting said image. It has since been replaced with a post welcoming the new year.

The singer is clearly looking forward to 2019, hoping that the symbolic change of calendar brings her a peaceful and restful annum. Mac Miller was on her mind last night before Grande clicked delete on a photo of the late Pittsburgh rapper’s hands playing the piano. She looked back on a stressful year, posting, “farewell 2018, you fuck. i hope this new year brings you all much laughter, clarity and healing.”

Ariana lives with reminders of her ex-boyfriend every day as she’s taking care of his old dog. Hopefully, the new year brings peace to her life.