T.I.’s had his fair share of legal troubles he’s been dealing with this year. Last week, the rapper was sued by a group of investors who claimed Tip and a man named Ryan Felton defrauded them. Now, the rapper’s lawyer has responded to the suit and claims his client wasn’t even involved in the business.

T.I. didn’t receive any money from FLiK Tokens, The Blast reports. Tip’s lawyer, Albert A. Chapar Jr. told the publication that his client didn’t receive any money from the cryptocurrency business, nor did he have any ownership in the company.

“Tip is truly disheartened by the lawsuit. Tip did not receive a single dollar from Felton or any of the money alleged to have been invested by the Plantiffs, nor did he have any ownership of the company,” he said.

He added, “Felton has made multiple misrepresentations as well as unauthorized statements about Tip’s involvement. The terribly unfortunate truth is that Felton misused and took advantage of Tip’s name and likeness, thereby victimizing both the investors and Tip.”

T.I. reportedly only had a small number of interactions with the business earlier on. Sources close to the situation said he spoke about the possibility about becoming an investor for FLiK Tokens, but those plans fell through immediately.

Tip also claims that the company is using his name illegally. He’s currently looking into his legal options for the scenario.