Tekashi 6ix9ine’s former partner, Sara, has put the entertainer on blast via social media. Some are calling the young mother’s actions “snitching” since she has pointed out that the rapper is allegedly in possession of a cell phone. If he did, in fact, have this piece of technology from behind bars, Tekashi could risk sanctions including the loss of privileges during his prison stint up to being sentenced to additional time.

Sara took to Instagram to vent after people called her out for speaking out of line, writing the following: “Ya must be dumb. N*ggas get a hold of phones all the time in jail so imagine how much easier it is to get one when you’re not in actual jail but in a ‘facility’ bein [sic] high profile and sh*t”

She continued, this time addressing Tekashi directly. “Whatever a n*gga doing let him to it. Cause when it’s my turn a n*gga gone want too [sic] kill me,” she wrote followed by a laughing emoji. “Carry on because I know you still watching me from the inside.”

The woman’s sass may come from anger. Apparently, the “STOOPID” rapper has not been keeping in touch with her and also failed to send his daughter Christmas gifts. Meanwhile, his girlfriend Jade received a brand new G wagon.