For the second time this week, The Weeknd is teasing his upcoming project. While so much mystery surrounds the singer’s next body of work, it appears to be rapidly approaching. Or at least, that’s the impression we get from looking at his Instagram page. When he’s not sharing photos of his dogs, he’s been reposting fanmade portraits of his looks throughout the years. That wouldn’t necessarily mean anything without the captions he’s been including. So far, both of the posts have included the title of his next album Chapter VI in them. The name of the work was announced during a recent concert in Toronto, leading his crowd to go wild.

While this likely won’t be used as the album cover, it does follow the theme that Weeknd has been teasing online. Both images have shown him in different stages of his career. In this one, a more recent photo of Abel is used with a pick in his hair.

In the long run, this may not have anything to do with the album. However, the sheer fact that he’s even mentioning it is a big deal. The hype is there after he was selective with his drops in 2018. Hopefully, the next year brings more Weeknd music to the table.